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2023 Inductee

Brian Hendrickson was born June 20, 1954 in Owatonna MN. He was raised in Eagan along with his two brothers. Brian graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1978. After college, he spent his entire 34 year career in the Healthcare Industry. He worked in sales, marketing and general management for companies that manufactured neonatal life support equipment and AI technology development for the automation of Radiology. In 1980 he married his wife Karen. They raised three children; Nicole, Heidi, and Michael on the shores of Prior Lake. They also purchased a home on Two Inlets Lake north of Park Rapids in 1989. As much time as possible is still spent up north at the cabin. Needless to say, this family loves being on the water and everything that goes along with lake living. Brian was introduced to hunting at a very early age by his father. He and his brothers made countless pheasant hunting, squirrel hunting and rabbit hunting trips with their dad. Later in life he took up grouse hunting. As a season tune up, he would shoot a few rounds of skeet at Minneapolis Gun Club. Mike Schmidt SR. gave him his first skeet lesson in the mid 80’s. His primary piece of advice on each station was simply: “put your barrel in hole”. Upon retirement in 2012, he shot in his first registered skeet tournament and promptly fell in love with the sport. The most rewarding thing about skeet shooting is all of the great people I’ve met and the new friends I’ve made. I simply couldn’t imagine what life would be like without skeet!

Hall of Fame Nomination

MSSA Hall Of Fame

1968 John S. (Junior) Dick *

1969 Dr. L. R. Bouma *

1970 Harold Russell *

1971 Fred Nordin *

1972 Oz Conrad *

1973 Al Buntrock *

1974 Wilhelm Anderson *

1975 John Kuslick *

1976 Dave Yeager *

1977 Al Warren *

1978 Jim P. Lundquist *

1979 Wally Walters *

1980 Leslee Nelson

1981 Dr. Richard Tucker *

1982 Michael E. Schmidt Sr. USMC *

1983 Jimmy Robinson *

1983 Gerald P. Welter *

1984 Rollie Johnson *

1985 Dr. John Kelly *

1986 Clifford W. Hanson Jr. *

1987 Richard C. Bienapfl

1987 E. T. Binger *

1988 Joseph J. Daugherty *

1989 Wayne L. Lohman *

1990 Carl B. Cook *

1991 David G. Seidel

1992 Michael E. Schmidt Jr.

1993 Donald D. Tesch

1994 Gordy Schelberg

1995 Vern Aanenson *

1996 Earl E. Snell *

1997 Thomas F. Schmitz Sr.

1998 Edward F. Schultz

1999 Jim Moeller

2000 Ronald L. Chandler

2001 Mike F. Quigley

2002 Jerry Hazel *

2003 LeRoy R. Atkinson

2004 June F. Schiltz *

2004 Richard M. Schiltz *

2005 James D. McLeod

2006 Donald S. Kalland

2007 Sheridan B. Vogel

2008 Gene J. Helsene

2009 Charles Ross Phillips *

2010 Steve Boerboon

2011 Thomas A. Hohag *

2012 Janice C. Lohman

2013 John G. Howe

2014 Michael S. Lohman

2015 Scott Melchisedech

2016 Robert Rick

2017 Leon Rother

2018 Jerry Ryan

2019 Robert C. Muehlenkamp

2020 Mark VanderBloomer

2022 Steve Fadel

2023 Brian Hendrickson


* = deceased

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