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2018 State Championship results

Jerry Ryan, Jeff Korhonen Top Minnesota Championships

Rick Wilder’s Metro Gun Club in Blaine, Minnesota, was the venue for the 2018 Minnesota State Skeet Shooting Assocition (MSSA) Championships, August 17-19. The shooters were treated to perfect weather and great targets throughout the tournament. Winds were mostly calm and the background at Metro is always ideal.

Friday’s doubles event was led by Jeff Korhonen whose 99 was un-contested. A pair of 98’s was posted by 16-year-old Hayden Wege and Jarret Hayes, with Hayden claiming the runner-up spot and Jarret coming in third. Doubles class champions were Jerry Ryan (the 2018 MSSA Hall of Fame Inductee), class A, Paul Davis, class B, Sam Radford, class C, and Arthur R Peterson, Jr., class D.

Hayden Wege, Paul Davis, Jeff Korhonen, and Mike Quigley each posted perfect scores in Saturday’s 12 gauge event. Hayden Wege emerged the winner with Paul Davis runner-up. Jerry Ryan placed third, followed by Scott Melchisedech, AA, Jeff Korhonen, A, Mike Quigley, B, Justin Staebell, C, Grant Benson, D, and Arthur R Peterson, Jr. in class E.

Jeff Korhonen stayed hot, posting his second consecutive 100 straight in the 20 gauge event. He claimed the 20 gauge title after a shootoff with Jerry Ryan (runner-up) and Janice Lohman (third), who also posted perfect scores. 20 gauge class champions were Michael Lohman, Robert Rick, Sam Radford, Grant Benson, and Jared Miller in classes AA, A, B, C, and D. Spectators for both events saw lengthy exhibitions of doubles at 3, 4,and 5 before the 12 and 20 gauge champions were established.

Shooters and guests enjoyed a buffet dinner in the clubhouse Saturday night along with the presentation of trophies by MSSA president, Brian Hendrickson. Calm weather greeted the Sunday events. A state record HOA score was possible, with Jeff Korhonen down just one target after three events. The 28 gauge was won by Tony Lowe with the lone 100. Three 99’s were posted by Robert Rick, David Baker, and 2017 MSSA Hall-of Fame inductee Leon Rother. Robert Rick claimed 28 gauge runner-up with Leon Rother placing third. David Baker won class AA, followed by Scott Melchisedech, Gene Helsene, Jeff Schneider, and Deon Thompson in classes A, B, C, and D.

Jerry Ryan won the 410 event with an un-contested 99, and claimed the High Overall Championship in the process. 98’s were posted by David Baker (runner-up) and Scott Melchisedech (third). The 410 class winners were Michael Lohman, Jeff Korhonen, Sam Radford, David Michaelynn, and Gunner Rockwell Hove, AA, A, B, C, and D.

The 2018 High Overall awards went to Jerry Ryan (champion), Jeff Korhonen (runner-up, and also HAA Champion), David Baker (third), Michael Lohman (AA), Scott Melchisedech (A), Gene Helsene (B), Leon Rother(C), and Gunner Rockwell Hove (D).

A big thank-you to Scott Melchisedech for running the NSSA scoring software. It’s a time-consuming task that is critical to running a quality shoot. It was especially hard for Scott because he was posting great scores and winning shootoffs at the same time.

Jerry Ryan (L) – High Overall & 410 Champion Hayden Wege – 12 Gauge Champion

Jeff Korhonen (R) – Doubles, 20 Gauge, & HAA Champion Tony Lowe (L) – 28 Gauge Champion

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