• Ron Chandler


NSSA STATE ASSOCIATIONS AND CLUBS, I will be offering shooting lessons (clinics) this year with the sole purpose of helping clubs get more sponsorship money for their shoots. It has been my observation in my shooting career that the shoots with added money or guaranteed money are getting less and less over the years. Sponsorship is getting hard to find. Starting in January 2018 I will be offering shooting lessons and give back a generous amount of the money taken in to the state association or clubs for the shoots they are holding. I have been working on this idea most of 2017 and have set up a website at: Although some the website is not finished to date, I have decided to put out the word and see if it generates any interest. I would appreciate if you could pass the word on to the clubs and individuals out in the skeet world that you feel may be interested. I really would like to see if this helps the game of skeet and the participation at the shoots. Any ideas or comments you have would be appreciated. I can be reached at this email ( I also would like to thank you for your time. Mike Schmidt Jr.

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