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Attention High School students, do you like to target shoot?

Minnesota State Skeet Shooting Association is looking to promote the growth of skeet shooting with high school students that shoot registered targets in the summer and have created the MSSA All State Skeet High School 1st & 2nd teams.

The Minnesota All State Skeet High School Teams are selected based on the registered targets shot in the previous year. Five shooters will be named to the rst team and ve shooters will be named to the second team. The MSSA will name a champion team. High School Shooters will be considered for all state awards provided that they meet the following requirements:

1 - A High School shooter is eligible for all state honors if he or she has registered a minimum of 300 registered targets in any gauges in the prior year. These targets must be shot in Minnesota. The de nition of "in competition" includes all registered shoots held on weekends, even if they are designated as "Targets Only". " Targets Only " that are shot in the spirit of competition at various clubs may be counted as part of the minimum 300 targets required in any gauge

2 - The criteria for individual gauge champion awards will be the same 300 registered targets shot in competition in Minnesota.

3 - A shooter is eligible for all state honors only if he or she is a resident of Minnesota and a member of the Minnesota Skeet Shooting Association. High School Student is considered to be any teenager up to their Senior Year. Seniors will still qualify for 1 season after spring graduation prior to entering into Collegiate the following Fall Season.

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