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Todd Bender Clinic

April 1-3

Metro Gun Club

10601 Naples St NE

Blaine MN 55449

Whether you desire to compete at the top championship levels or simply enjoy the clay target sports even more than you do now, Todd Bender can help you attain your goals. Todd specializes in shotgun pointing fundamentals as they apply to all aspects of the clay target sports and wing shooting.

Level of Shooter

Todd Bender works with every level of shooter, from first-day beginners to seasoned tournament shooters. Each individual is catered to at his or her level of understanding, so that the desired gains are met in an efficient and timely manner. We try to coordinate groups according to ability so that the experience levels within the group are similar. This results in more economical use of time and a more effective and valuable day.

Benefits to Shooter

All of our clients realize immediate improvement, based on a better understanding of the game and a better understanding of their specific needs as they apply to skeet and other clay target shooting disciplines. All advice and information is tailored to the individual and how it applies to his or her game.

Your Shooting Clinic

During your clinic you will receive, personalized One-on-One instruction with Todd. We will focus on Foot Position, Hold Points, Body Mechanics, and Self-analysis, with a specific emphasis on, and specializing in eye issues. Each session is tailored to the individual, and includes complete station-by-station analysis. Doubles Shooting, and All-day Doubles Clinics are available on request. After your clinic you will have access to Todd Bender for post-clinic consultation and follow-up discussions.


$495 per day per shooter (2 shooter maximum per group)

2 Groups per day. (4 hours)

9:00 AM -1:00 PM

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Other Information

Shooters are responsible for targets and ammunitionFactory Ammunition is highly recommendedNO RAIN DATES (unless dangerous conditions such as lightning exist)

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