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Presidents Message 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Skeet Shooting Season! I am Brian Hendrickson and I will succeed Deon Thompson as MSSA President. Joining me as new Officers will be our new Treasurer, Mike Halbach and our semi-new Vice President Jeff Schneider. Ron Chandler will remain as Secretary and Joe Sanquinetti will continue on as Technical Director. Our thanks to Deon Thompson, Don Kalland and Mark VanderBloomer for their years of service as MSSA Officers. Our organization could not survive without the services of these folks and others that have served in the past.

Moving forward, I’d like to bring all of you up to date on pending projects within our organization. First, I’m working to make MSSA an official Corporation. Our Articles of Incorporation have been submitted to the Minnesota Secretary of State just prior to the Holidays. Once we receive our “Seal” the next and more tedious step takes place. Form 1023 will be prepared and submitted to our Uncle Sam.

This event will give us official “Not for Profit” status via 501c7. Along with good business sense, our NFP status will allow us to accept donations, raise money and pursue the promotion of our sport in ways that will help us grow. Another project that is being spearheaded by Joe Sanquinetti is a new and improved website. Check out when you get a chance. We are very open to hearing from you relative to suggestions for improving our site and making it more useful to you.

Bob Rick will be officially inducted into the Minnesota Skeet Hall of Fame this coming April. Bob is currently our most active, decorated skeet shooter in terms of State Gun and HOA titles. The April awards banquet will be very special and I hope all of you can attend to celebrate this honor with Bob.

Lastly, please make it a priority to introduce at least one new shooter to Registered Skeet Shooting. If each of us brings in one person, our membership doubles! We can do it!!! Good Luck to all of you this year and I look forward to seeing you on the Skeet fields of Minnesota!

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